giant squid versus blue whale

January 21, 2011

i received a very specific request from a friend to do a painting/drawing of a squid fighting a whale. because my tech pens were being annoying, i decided to take the quick route and paint this one in watercolor. to my knowledge, giant squid don’t grow to be as large as a blue whale, but just let me dream, ok?

this is eerily reminiscent of my homemade squid costume from halloween 2007..



2 Responses to “giant squid versus blue whale”

  1. Hi
    I am an author and one of my current novels is about sea creatures and I was wondering if it was alright with you to use your Squid/Whale fight picture to feature in one of the chapters.
    I am almost complete with the story and it will be published soon worldwide so you could put your name in the credits as the artist.
    You never know it might lead to other things.
    Kindest Regards

  2. This Halloween costume is amazing!! I always try and start my Halloween costumes in spring but it never works out quite the way I want and I still haven’t made one yet.

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