amusements for the office

September 1, 2011

so, as my loyal readership (::cough cough.. two people::) may have surmised, i haven’t been up to much lately, art-wise. reason being, i now have a full-time job that keeps me out of the house for roughly 11-12 hours each day!  my free time in the evenings is frequently spent crocheting in a dull haze while the t.v. flashes in the background. other artistic pursuits languish on the dust-ridden drafting table.

aiming to bring some color to my otherwise completely grey, 8’x8′ windowless cubicle, i’ve started adorning it, bit by bit. framed & matted photos on two walls. croton plant in a corner. jellyfish dangling from the inbox. cactus garden to hide the dvd burner.


the wee hamburger is a mini replica of in-n-out’s famed double-double, made for a friend residing in a country without the joys of in-n-out.

side note: I was inspired to make the cactus gardens after my bf kept killing the real plants i provided for his office. some of the cactus inspiration can be credited to planetjune, however i just eyeballed her lovely creations and made do without a pattern.


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