July 19, 2010

Here is a charcoal drawing of 3 fruit bats on a giant leaf. Also a prismacolor drawing of a chameleon, a 1st anniversary present. It took much longer than expected…



food on the brain

February 10, 2010

the first drawing was done to commemorate a potluck hosted by my friends (i neglected to take  a proper picture). the second – well, i just like sushi, ok?

female nude #5

February 10, 2010

this model was extremely fun to draw. she had very expressive poses. tried to do my best with the charcoal..

female nude #1

February 10, 2010

i decided to take figure drawing classes during my first two years of college, a) because the class was only $30 and b) because i figured i needed to brush up on the way i drew human bodies. i will attempt to arrange these in chronological order.

the first class, i had no idea what to expect (having never taken a figure drawing class before) and naively showed up with only a 9×12” sketch pad and some charcoal. d’oh. the result? smudgy and unsatisfying. and the faces are an extreme area of weakness.

still life drawing

February 10, 2010

view of my high school from the front lawn (in graphite), and a still life of some fancy beverage, plant and sea urchin (charcoal & white).

black & white, part 2

February 10, 2010

technical pen scribbling and a charcoal drawing of sturgeon point lighthouse.