female nude #5

February 10, 2010

this model was extremely fun to draw. she had very expressive poses. tried to do my best with the charcoal..


female nude #4

February 10, 2010

i believe this model was a circus performer. she had quite a large caboose.

female nude #3

February 10, 2010

unfortunately, i developed the tendency to depict people as much older/fatter/greasier than they are in real life. this model couldn’t have been more than 35 years old.

female nude #2

February 10, 2010

before the second session, i hopped on the bus to the art store and bought a giant drawing pad and some chalk pastels. let me tell you, i LOVE drawing curvy women.

female nude #1

February 10, 2010

i decided to take figure drawing classes during my first two years of college, a) because the class was only $30 and b) because i figured i needed to brush up on the way i drew human bodies. i will attempt to arrange these in chronological order.

the first class, i had no idea what to expect (having never taken a figure drawing class before) and naively showed up with only a 9×12” sketch pad and some charcoal. d’oh. the result? smudgy and unsatisfying. and the faces are an extreme area of weakness.