self renderings

February 10, 2010

a selection of self-portraits from high school (not my best years, admittedly). 1 technical pen stippling portrait (took for-e-ver), 1 linoelum block 3-color print (where i narrowly missed slicing my hand apart), and 1 doodle from my portfolio cover.


still life drawing

February 10, 2010

view of my high school from the front lawn (in graphite), and a still life of some fancy beverage, plant and sea urchin (charcoal & white).


February 10, 2010

a couple of colorful pieces from high school. 1 mixed media and 1 oil pastel.

stick and ink

February 10, 2010

a couple of pieces from the AP studio art portfolio. stick & ink & blood drawings. not to worry… it was leftover from my wisdom teeth removal.

black & white, part 2

February 10, 2010

technical pen scribbling and a charcoal drawing of sturgeon point lighthouse.

black & white, part 1

February 10, 2010

some very quick sharpie drawings done in class.

technical pen drawings done during high school AP studio art class. here we have actor seann william scott (scribble technique) and erotic author anais nin (crosshatching).