art gifts

December 25, 2011

happy holidays! i decided that sitting at home on christmas with a cold would be an excellent time to update my blog, so here goes.

this year i had the time (and foresight!) to create a few holiday gifts without the claws of wal-mart getting a slice (aaron brothers framing perhaps, but not wal-mart).

starting out with some technical pen drawings (my four thin tech pens were frustratingly clogged, forcing me to use the thick one).

then a few prismacolor drawings (two on black paper, two traditional ones on white paper).

and how about some crafty wreaths? these look simple but were ridiculously time-consuming. handmade from dried sweetgum spiky things gathered from our local park, then spray painted, “lollipopped” and then jammed into a wreath form, then garnished with foam berries.


so back in september i had an idea to make drawings/paintings of awesome animals dining at some of L.A.’s hottest eateries. this is what i have so far…

a slow loris showing the viewer his chili dog from pink’s:

and a giant tarsier about to gobble a taco from tito’s tacos:

because we all know, “the only thing better than a tito’s taco…. is two!”

where is the love?

February 13, 2011

handmade valentines have been a tradition of mine since college. this year i opted to go with recycled materials (cardboard, fabric scraps, paper stencils and paint) to make 27 valentines virtually for free. my cat, stormy, seemed to enjoy them.

i also crocheted an octopus with bendy arms to hold pens and pencils for MY valentine. as much as i’d like to take credit for this idea, it was actually rachel’s brainchild.

dinosaur lullaby

November 24, 2010

this piece ended up disappointing me; although i like the dinosaur, i am not feeling the rest. it’s quite a large piece (15” x 48”) so i thought i’d post it anyway for some variety.

food on the brain

February 10, 2010

the first drawing was done to commemorate a potluck hosted by my friends (i neglected to take  a proper picture). the second – well, i just like sushi, ok?


February 10, 2010

a couple of dreary works; 1 painting, 1 oil pastel drawing, 1 mixed media with clay and wax. post-college.

several vibrant paintings done during college, some incorporating mixed media (my beloved thyme plant in the first one; magazine clippings and photocopy of my hand in the second).


February 10, 2010

a couple of colorful pieces from high school. 1 mixed media and 1 oil pastel.