i received a very specific request from a friend to do a painting/drawing of a squid fighting a whale. because my tech pens were being annoying, i decided to take the quick route and paint this one in watercolor. to my knowledge, giant squid don’t grow to be as large as a blue whale, but just let me dream, ok?

this is eerily reminiscent of my homemade squid costume from halloween 2007..



self portraits (college)

February 10, 2010

let’s just indulge my vanity for a moment, shall we?

these are some self portraits done during my college years. a few painted ones (i’d say only the yellow/maroon one bears a resemblance), 2 line drawings and 1 ink drawing.

self renderings

February 10, 2010

a selection of self-portraits from high school (not my best years, admittedly). 1 technical pen stippling portrait (took for-e-ver), 1 linoelum block 3-color print (where i narrowly missed slicing my hand apart), and 1 doodle from my portfolio cover.