amusements for the office

September 1, 2011

so, as my loyal readership (::cough cough.. two people::) may have surmised, i haven’t been up to much lately, art-wise. reason being, i now have a full-time job that keeps me out of the house for roughly 11-12 hours each day! ┬ámy free time in the evenings is frequently spent crocheting in a dull haze while the t.v. flashes in the background. other artistic pursuits languish on the dust-ridden drafting table.

aiming to bring some color to my otherwise completely grey, 8’x8′ windowless cubicle, i’ve started adorning it, bit by bit. framed & matted photos on two walls. croton plant in a corner. jellyfish dangling from the inbox. cactus garden to hide the dvd burner.


the wee hamburger is a mini replica of in-n-out’s famed double-double, made for a friend residing in a country without the joys of in-n-out.

side note: I was inspired to make the cactus gardens after my bf kept killing the real plants i provided for his office. some of the cactus inspiration can be credited to planetjune, however i just eyeballed her lovely creations and made do without a pattern.


where is the love?

February 13, 2011

handmade valentines have been a tradition of mine since college. this year i opted to go with recycled materials (cardboard, fabric scraps, paper stencils and paint) to make 27 valentines virtually for free. my cat, stormy, seemed to enjoy them.

i also crocheted an octopus with bendy arms to hold pens and pencils for MY valentine. as much as i’d like to take credit for this idea, it was actually rachel’s brainchild.

i made these amigurumi food items for my friends, who all loved them. the fish taco and banana were made without the assistance of a pattern, but i think they still turned out adorable.

the cactus has got to be one of my all-time favorite amigurumi creations. the other thing is a venus flytrap, which didn’t turn out so well because usually there are more than one of them in the pot. the pig is angry!

i love making these little amigurumi items. the (life size) phallus was a gift for a friend and the toaster is around here somewhere..